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Animation transition duration seems to fail (should be 1s - looks like 0s)

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Tech-Labs, Jun 14, 2018 at 1:28 PM.

  1. Tech-Labs


    Feb 5, 2014
    I've got this very simple Animator Controller set up.
    I've got a 'Body Idle' state and a 'Body Talking' state. Both are loaded with clips during run time using the AnimatorOverrideController. That works fine.
    I'm using a simple boolean parameter to switch between the states. If 'true' then start the talking animation, if 'false' then start the idling animation.
    Both transitions are exactly the same (apart from the bool being true in one and false in the other). Not Exit time, Fixed duration of 1s. All default settings.
    When I set the Bool to 'true' the transition looks fine.
    When I then set the Bool (back) to 'false' there is no transition! The idle animation just starts within 1 frame making the transition look extremely abrupt.
    Any ideas why this could happen?



    1 load idle animation clip in the Idle State at start using AnimatorOverrideController
    2 start the idle animation by setting the bool 'start' to 'true'
    3 load the talking animation clip in the Talk State at some point using AnimatorOverrideController
    4 set the bool 'startTalkin' to 'true' to start the talking animation using the 1 second fixed duration transition
    5 wait until the audio (started at 4) is done
    6 load idle animation clip using AnimatorOverrideController into the Idle State
    7 set the bool 'startTalking' to 'false' to start the idle animation using the 1 second fixed duration transition

    Attached Files: