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Animation showing different values for Gameobject in Inspector

Discussion in 'Animation' started by AnushaAnnadi, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. AnushaAnnadi


    Jul 24, 2018
    Hi :),

    I am using Unity version 2019.1.0f2. I have created a desk gameobject and added animation to rotate it in the clockwise direction. I added a script to rotate the object in such a way that if i press left arrow key the desk rotates by 180 degrees to the back view and the animation is paused (ie., the animator is disabled). When i press the right arrow key, the animator is enabled and the object rotates to the front view again.
    But when playing the scene and pressing left arrow key the animation is paused or disabled at a different angle which varies every time.

    I have reported this as a bug and in mail it was stated posting it here would be helpful too.

    Has any one faced similar issues or is there any work around for this..?
    Please help..

    Thanks in Advance,