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Question Animation Rigging - Control Rig weight via common animation

Discussion in 'Animation' started by unity_2NXt9HePrLECuw, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. unity_2NXt9HePrLECuw


    Jul 16, 2020

    I guess what I want to do should work, but it doesnt:

    My goal is to have two separate Rigs -> One for "Weapon Idle" (weapon is holded by my character, but hes not aiming) and one for aiming (weapon is aiming to direction of camera center). The Rigs are working fine. My problem is that Im unable to fade between these states. I have planned to fade the overriding one in and out, depending on player input.

    What I have tried:

    I have set up an Animation Rigging System as you have shown in your introduction video. As said before, the rigs are working fine.


    To fade in and out the "RigLayer-WeaponAim" component I made an animation:



    I configured this inside my prefab. And if i play my animation here in preview, it works.

    But if I put this in my AnimationController, the weight of the rig is not affected, although the animation is played as expected.


    Weight should be 1 now. But if I toggle the animation in preview mode, it works and properly affect my character...


    Do you have an idea what i maybe do wrong?