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Help Wanted Animation Rigging and Humanoid Animation Retargeting Issues

Discussion in 'Animation' started by robybaggi, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. robybaggi


    Mar 27, 2020
    Hey there,

    I've got a little problem with a few humanoid animations I want to retarget to another humanoid character and I was hoping someone could help me out on here. When the Rig Builder script is deactivated or not there at all, the animations that I want to have retargeted work flawlessly (as you would expect from Mechanim) but when the rig builder is enabled, the retargeted animations look completely broken. For clarification, the animations that I want to have retargeted use a different avatar than the character I want my animations to be retargeted to.

    I've tried removing every Rig in the array of my Rig Builder script and add it again one-by-one to see which rig causes problems and it seems that the ones that influence or constraint "humanoid bones" like legs and spine result in the retargeting being off. Is there any way around this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I'm currently using Animation Rigging 0.2.6 with Unity 2019.2.16f1.
  2. BarbarZahoCan


    Jan 3, 2016
    I am having the same issue now and it looks like it is not very well documented issue becouse I couldn't find a solution either. Generic animations are working fine but does that mean I can't retarget animations? Did you manage to find a solution?