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Question Animation N00b needs help

Discussion in 'Animation' started by WavyRancheros, Feb 16, 2023.

  1. WavyRancheros


    Feb 5, 2013
    So I got a character from Character Creator.
    I got animations for body motion.
    I got facial animations driving the SkinnedMeshRenderer blendshapes and SOME of the bones in the head. The rest is reset to T-Pose.

    Now how do I combine these so that, for example, the character walks, and at the same time looks angry?

    Every time I try to trigger the facial animation (that only contains the keyframes for blendshapes) it resets the rig to this:

    2023-02-16 14_32_37_.png

    Every time I trigger the facial animation (that contains keyframes for both blendshapes and bones) it sets the rig to a T-Pose (but with working facial expression and head movement).

    2023-02-16 14_38_31-_.png

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.