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Question Animation Layers - Rotation and Position of Same Transform on Different Layers?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Vavacav, Dec 8, 2022.

  1. Vavacav


    Nov 13, 2021

    I need two animations of the same boneless mesh to play independently of each other. One effects just the rotation and another effects just the position. (Think of a simple puzzle piece that you can spin or pick up. I'm trying to show negative feedback to the player if you click to move it or spin it, but are UNABLE to. So, it will rock a little, but not spin fully. Or it will pick up a little, but not pick up fully. You can press to pick up or spin in quick succession of each other.)

    I'm using animation layers currently, but my bottom layer overrides the top one. The bottom layer animation doesn't complete. I had assumed that because I'm altering separate parts of a transform, that it would work nicely. But it seems that the whole transform overrides the base layer.

    I'm finding information about non-humanoid avatar masks, but I'm only using one transform, with no bones.

    What direction should I head to get these two animations to play on one transform? Additive?

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