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Question Animation Doesn't stay at Parent's Origin (even though no root motion)

Discussion in 'Animation' started by SuperPox, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. SuperPox


    Apr 29, 2020
    Alt Title: Parent Container Origin Snaps to Child Animation Origin

    I did a lot of testing and google searching and still couldn't figure out my problem :/
    I would appreciate any help :)

    Gif of my problem:
    -the green collider is on my container parent game object (which also include rigidbody, animator, script)
    -within that parent is my mixamo skeleton (it's origin is shown by the blue gizmo)
    -it appears that once the game starts my character's collider origin snaps to the mixamo skeleton origin
    -"Root Motion" is unchecked on my Animator component and if checked the animation still moves to skeleton origin
    -in the inspector if I click on the idle animation, in the preview window, their feet are on the floor
    -skeleton was added to my voxel character in mixamo and this idle animation doesn't have mixamo motion
    -if I go into the idle animation in the Animator, and click on the curves tab, the position curve is flat

    I can provide my project files if needed. I think I'm missing something simple so I hope this info is enough.
    Thank you for your time!