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Animating prefabs from blender with multiple objects

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Gorillaforilla, Feb 28, 2022.

  1. Gorillaforilla


    Feb 27, 2022
    I am extremely new to Unity and still trying to learn so I hope I don't look too dumb here. I've Imported an FBX from blender with 8 objects and each has their own animation all in one prefab. I just want to know if this is possible to animate or if I am headed down the wrong path. Here is a visual example. upload_2022-2-28_15-59-17.png

    Ive created an animator controller for each object but they do not work. If I put the animator controller on the prefab in only uses 1 animation. I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to figure this out. Any small insight would be helpful.