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Animating in vrchat that uses a custom override thats any longer than 0.17 seconds long

Discussion in 'Animation' started by bigd33103, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. bigd33103


    Jul 22, 2019
    I have seen others in vrchat have animations on their custom overrides (provided in VRchat SDK)(known as hand gestures in game) have animations that are longer than 0.17 seconds long, for example one for a gun that moves the right hand thumb up to press the hammer down. i have the ability to and have made these animations but when it comes to putting them into the game it becomes challenging. as stated before when you put an animation in the animation override controller it causes a large problem, All Gestures become Slow and Almost unusable after or during the longer animation is played, when you attempt to cancel the longer animation from playing, your hand will slowly move to another animation your trying to cancel the longer one with. additionally for the length of the longer animation it seems to be slowed down extremely.
    i have tried multiple ways to attempt to get around this be it create the animation of said thing and then a second to activate that animation and then put it in the override controller but that has its limits it seems. Actually i just realized something that may answer my question however im still seeking guidance, i just realized that said character cannot activate said animation if the animation isnt on that current animatiors animation controller! maybe this will solve my problem, although problably not because animation controllers only allow one animation to be played at a time and you cannot choose which animation you when to play while animating the animator.