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Animate 3D: Digitize Human Motion | Free/Open Alpha

Discussion in 'Formats & External Tools' started by DeepMotion, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. DeepMotion


    Jul 7, 2020
    Hello Unity Creators!

    (A thanks to the Mods for welcoming us here!)

    Our team here at DeepMotion is focused on motion intelligence solutions for applications in games, mixed reality, and other entertainment applications.

    A little over a month ago we launched a new animation cloud service called Animate 3D and are currently offering free Alpha access - and thought you all might be interested in trying it out!

    Animate 3D transforms your 2D videos into 3D animations in a matter of minutes, allowing you to both preview and download the resulting animation files from a simple web interface. We currently output FBX & BVH file formats that you can easily retarget to your own custom 3D characters in Unity and other development software.

    Our ultimate goal is to bring motion capture to everyone, eliminating the need for expensive suits and hardware typically needed for full-body capture.


    We would love for anyone interested to sign up and try it out for free! We are in an open Alpha, which means no limitations on how many animations you want to generate and download for the foreseeable future.

    We envision this being used by any level of creator and have started a tutorial series, one of our first ones being for Unity - You can check out the animation retargeting Unity tutorial here.

    Animate 3D - 1.6 Update: Check out what we’re working on!

    A couple of days ago we also released Animate 3D Version 1.6.0 - a major update that includes quality improvements and more based on current Alpha user feedback. See what’s new below:

    • Anti-Foot Gliding Improvements: we have spent a lot of time re-evaluating the way we process input motion and have vastly improved foot gliding in the output animation, which was the most requested feature. The result is a more stable and solid footing throughout.

    • Leg/Lower-Body Improvements: new rotation fixes will assist leg and hip motion in many cases. This will also help make heavy leg movements appear more fluid and natural in the result.

    • Better Root Stabilization: new and improved root motion stability will provide more weighted, natural-looking movements for your animations.

    • Live Forums: we have launched a location for alpha users to visit and receive direct communication with our team.
    Looking forward to any questions you may have, and hope to see you in motion!

    -The DeepMotion Team
  2. DeepMotion


    Jul 7, 2020
    Hey Everyone!

    We just launched V2.0 last week which includes a lot of quality updates and the highly requested Custom Character feature. The Custom Character feature allows you to upload your own 3D character to preview our animations on, then be able to download your animation already retargeted to your character.

    Animate 3D is still free with no limitations, so check it out!