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Games Angry Red MMO is now ONLINE and FREE !

Discussion in 'Projects In Progress' started by JamesW940516, Oct 23, 2023.

  1. JamesW940516


    May 19, 2023
    Ladies and gentlemen!

    I am very happy to announce the first version of “Angry Red”.
    This is a MMO game that players can play to earn
    Game play is very simple, and even kids can play.
    This looks like an agario in most cases, but it contains many advanced features to implement the game into a desktop application.
    It ensures more active and sensitive gameplay with less latency and lag.

    Technical evolution
    This game was developed with Unity. The network platform is Network for GameObjects. 128 CCU (Concurrent Users) is realized based on clever network implementation. Currently, four DGS (Dedicated Game Server) are deployed in North America. To optimize network bandwidth usage, we implemented advanced delta optimization. Also, client prediction and interpolation are introduced to synchronize between server and client and provide great performance.

    Brief roadmap
    We will reimplement the game with ECS/DOTs and NFE (Network for Entities). This will increase the CCU by more than 1024 per battle field, based on a precise calculation. Also, deploying dozens of powerful DGS is planned. Moreover, cross-continental game play will be realized.

    The first stage of a great journey
    We promise some rewards for customers during this first demonstration phase. This is because we hope the company grows safely and widely based on customer requirements and interests. We would be very grateful if you left feedback.

    Now the game is available for Windows
    Welcome to our first product!
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