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[Android] Shark-A-Boom (making money as an indie dev is just a dream..)

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by UDN_5c806b49-d8a0-4f67-a296-c12c91aa7396, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. UDN_5c806b49-d8a0-4f67-a296-c12c91aa7396


    Jan 9, 2017
    I'm Jay (nickname Vindorable) (named my one-man indie team J. Games Entertainment).

    I have no formal education in programming (I've studied motion graphics and VFX) and I started developing games several years back as a hobby (if I remembered correctly maybe since 2016/2017).
    Started with GameMaker Studio (GMS) 1.4, later moved on to GMS 2 and now picked up Unity in 2019 in early August.

    The first game published on Play Store was Frankrit Eats Meat and it did not make me any money. But what can I say? Make a better game?

    So I did. Thanks to covid, I developed this game full-time depending on my savings. I took 3 months to get the hang of Unity before committing myself on 5th Dec 2019 to making a full game. I learned everything that's lacking in my first and added it to this game made from scratch which I proudly call Shark-A-Boom.
    I added:
    1) Bots
    2) Daily rewards
    3) Friend list (requesting/accepting/declining/removing)
    4) Multiplayer with friends or anyone worldwide (1v1/2v2/3v3)
    5) Match invites
    6) Security
    7) Analytics
    8) Wardrobe system (models/skins)
    9) Inventory system (consumables)
    10) Cloud saving
    11) And many other things that I can't remember off the top of my head or having it in a game is a must so I don't consider it as a milestone..

    I even made beautiful marketing materials:

    My source of revenue is rewarded video ads. As a gamer, I hate it when ads pop up right in front of your face. I structured the game in a way that you have to watch the ads to get some gold/diamonds. Else, you just have to continue playing or buy from the shop (I have not added shop yet).

    I made it Open Beta on 7th Dec 2020. One full bloody year of sleeping 4-5 hours a day working 6-7 days a week. Going in and out of depression and breaking down several times thinking how the f am I going to complete this all on my own. But I did.

    So... I put it up on Play Store. Ran a number of small ads amounting to 100 dollars because I need my savings to survive. Until now... I haven't even made enough to buy myself a meal. Coming to 3 months and I can't even buy a cheap meal that costs 5 bucks..

    Game dev is fun because you have full creativity in your own world and this is the most beautiful thing about it. But it doesn't pay the bills and reality comes knocking at your door.

    I won't be posting the link to my game here. Because I've lost all hope in this. I will still continue to market it and drag myself through this process a little longer before I give up on this dream of being an indie game dev.