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Android screen resolution reduces on each LoadScene

Discussion in 'General Graphics' started by simonchin99, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. simonchin99


    Nov 3, 2020

    My game has 3 scenes, title screen, instructions and the game. On a PC I can switch between the scenes all day long without a problem but on the Android build after each call of LoadScene the screen resolution gets lower. So after about 5 LoadScene calls you can see a slight difference but by the 10th LoadScene the screen resolution is down to about 100 pixels across. The screen swipe speed is reduced by the same amount.

    The screen is rendered correctly but with just a lower and lower screen resolution. There are no errors and the profiler shows no memory leaks.

    I have tried adding System.GC.Collect(); to each scene Start() but it made no difference.

    When I LoadScene should I call something else to destory the old one?

    Any help or suggestions on how to fix this would be most welcome.