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Question Android high RAM Usage - Private Other

Discussion in 'Android' started by pradotech, Aug 27, 2022.

  1. pradotech


    Oct 17, 2019
    Hey guys. Recently I decided to profile my game RAM usage. But I noticed that most of memory usage goes to "Private Other".

    My game memory usage info:

    As far as I know, I think this means memory leak happening. But I couldn't find anything that could be responsible for that yet. I compared this memory info with other similar games and most of them were fine. Something I noticed is that "Private Other" goes up as long as "PAGECACHE_OVERFLOW" increases and "" appears.

    Comparing to other apps

    PAKO: less private memory than my game and less PAGECACHE_OVERFLOW. Also using "" and apparently still have some memory leak.

    Reckless Getaway 2: Very low private memory and no PAGECACHE_OVERFLOW or "". Apparently has no memory leak.

    After those comparisons I came to conclusion that the issue is something related to SQL database. The problem is that I'm not able to find what in Unity is using SQL. I'm not using anything directly related to SQL and my savegame is stored using PlayerPrefs (encoded string).

    I already used Unity Memory Profiler, but it doesn't help in this case, cause it can't debug private memory usage.

    Does anyone know anything that may help me find the cause of this? I appreciate any support. Thanks for now.