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Question Android game starts with black screen (unity logo) and then only shows canvas.

Discussion in 'Android' started by johndsk, May 5, 2024.

  1. johndsk


    Mar 27, 2024
    i finished my first testgame and wanted to try it out at android.
    I built an apk and then instead of the unity logo a black screen comes up. After that the game starts.
    You can see the canvas (except the read health bar, child of the blue one) and the rest is black.
    You can shoot and hear the sound but you can't see anything.

    I used the standard unity project settings for android except the aspect ratio mode. I changed it to Native.
    I learnt to code this game by myself so i am not a professionell Coder. so i am not sure which settings coudl cause that.

    I attached 3 fotos. one is the unity logo (blacked out) one is the black screen game and one is the game it should look like.

    I used Unity Version 2022.3.22f1

    Thanks in advance!!

    Attached Files:

  2. Adrian_Sotomayor


    Unity Technologies

    Dec 20, 2021
    Hello, without more debugging, it can be challenging to determine the exact issue, so instead here are some possible things to check and consider:
    • APK Emulator: I noticed in your images, you're using Memu Play to run your Android APK. Memu Play supports DirectX and OpenGL. DirectX is the default. Have you tried switching to OpenGL? Do you get the same results when running on physical Android hardware?
    • Shaders: if you're using custom shaders, ensure they are mobile-friendly. Some of the more complicated shaders may work fine in the Unity Editor, but fail when compiling to a mobile platform.
    • Rendering Settings: Check your quality and rendering settings. The game might not render correctly on mobile due to specific graphics options not supported on mobile.
    • Texture/Materials: Check if you're using unsupported formats or settings for mobile.
    • Graphics API: Try switching your graphics API. Unity currently supports both OpenGL and Vulkan. Depending on your device, one may work better than the other. For more details on Android compatibility around Graphics API support:
    • Addressables: If you're using Addressables, make sure these are being included in your build.
    If you're still having issues after reviewing the above, could you give more details about settings for each section?

    Additionally, it would be helpful to look at any errors the Android logcat when running your APK.
    Last edited: May 8, 2024
  3. AcidArrow


    May 20, 2010
    Which render pipeline are you using?