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Bug analog Slider is reported by ReadValue<float>() as delivering 1 at app start

Discussion in 'Input System' started by uani, Apr 18, 2022.

  1. uani


    Sep 6, 2013
    (Thrustmaster T.1600M) analog Slider (/Thrust lever) is reported by
    as delivering
    at app start until it is actuated by the player physically which is when it delivers the correct current value.

    This issue in particular I observe since today, in builds of my application since about 2 months ago, using Input System 1.3.0, on Windows 11 with all Windows Updates and Thrustmaster drivers up to date.

    Interestingly, in all tests for the past 2 hours the Slider was delivering 1 at app start although it should have delivered -1, but in the test just now the x-axis delivered an elongation not being physically actuated (way out of any deadzone). Perhaps the joystick has a defect.

    On the other hand, once I perform a physical actuation of the joystick all values are delivered as expected.

    Posting this here for others to chime in if they can extend this observation (as is one purpose of a forum).

    Windows Game Controller Settings shows the Slider value as being in middle position (value 0) when opening it and updates the Slider value to right position (value -1) when I actuate it slightly and value -1 (ie slider in bottom physical position) is the expected value.
    I just calibrated the joystick in those settings and the x/y-axis center position appears to be at rest (ie almost "0" deadzone necessary as I'm used to from this joystick), thus while the Slider being initially delivered as value 1 by Input System and as 0 by Windows lets appear likely it has some "undefined" value initially which gets mapped by those software differently, the recently observed initial x-axis elongation in Input System appears to be unfounded. However I would concur here might be some issue with the hardware or (Thrustmaster) driver. I'm not versed in USB debugging thus I leave it up to the hopefully expertedly-being expert of the Input System developer to gauge this issue further and take necessary actions.
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