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Feedback An example of why users with less than 5 posts should not be able to post polls....

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by MadeFromPolygons, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. MadeFromPolygons


    Oct 5, 2013

    This happens so often, how long before a change is made so that there isnt constant "keto gummies" or "cbd gummies" polls?

    They only ever get posted by users with 5 posts or less ,and how often do we really have a use case of a new member needing to post a poll that was actually a good poll post / meant to be a poll?

    Can we not just limit polls to users with at least 5 posts, this is a low barrier for entry to a real user, but will prevent these bots getting through
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  2. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014
    It doesn't matter if is poll or not. It is spam. And if it is a spam, just use report.
    Making more noise using keywords in post is not wise, it brings only more attention from search engines.
  3. hippocoder


    Digital Ape Moderator

    Apr 11, 2010
    It is now an ex-spam. Spam that once was but now is not. A spacious area where spam occupied is now vacant. True has become false. The End.
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