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Alpha version of my game "MyCiv" released on Google Play Store

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by visualbruno, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Joereyesy145


    May 10, 2017
    I commented before and played version 1.21 of the game, I must say It is an improvement. I enjoy how you can move units into the sea so there isn't a need for a ship to transport. Thank you for your work though I would like to add some ideas to the game that may make it more unique.

    1.Skill Workers:
    they should come out during the industrial era. Where the regular workers can improve the land around the city and consruct roads. The skill workers will be able to do more complex buildings or constructs. Regular workers wouldn't build railroads or improve existing improvements around the city. This is so it can be replaced and this new unit will fit for the industrial and modern era. This new unit will create new improvements on existing buildings to help the city gain more resources or gold.
    -trade post will be improved to Markets
    -improved farms
    -construct Factories near mines
    -roads to railtracks
    -build canals and bridges.

    Everything else that is before the industial era would be replaced or improve.

    This would nullify the "worker spam" so your workers wouldn' be as effective after the industrial era. They would need to be replaced like any other unit after you found a better one.
    Worker spam: producing alot of workers to improve your cities very fast.
    I don't know if anyone else does it but, when I do it I would completely surpass all nations productivity just a bit past the industrial era.
    Allowing this unit to exist will make the ton of workers you have accumulated to be obsolete.
    There should be a World wonder to automatically improve your workers to skill workers or gives you 5 skill workers after completion. I'm certain this would balance with the other Wonders since they improve the offensive units more then the workforce.

    My opinion it would be interesting seeing a nation focus on productivity and construction then war..
    *sorry for it being long*

    2. New improvement and Factories:

    They would be built mainly by the Skilled workers, though some of this new building can be built by regular workers.
    Regular workers can build Staples and Iron mines which would Level 1 buildings.
    They can improve it to Level 2 so that the adjacent tile (where the player wants to build it) can produce Units only according to the resource.

    For example:
    -A level 2 staple will produce only horse related units.
    -A level 2 iron Mine will produce Swordsman and units that needs iron to build.
    -A level 2 stone quarry will produce the units that does require iron to build. *warriors, scouts, spearman, pikeman archers*
    They could improve it one more time to boost the production of the tile to 2 by improving it to Level 3 but It'll lose the ability to produce Units.
    -A Level 2 Ivory: this would be allowed for only certain nation to produce Units.
    Like in the future, elephant riders to replace horsemen.

    That so far this is what I can up with for regular workers.

    Skill Workers will be able to improve these building to Level 2, 3 and 4. Each resource would be limit to a level though.
    For example:
    -level 3 iron mine will turn into any unit that is an land unit. (Unit depends on what technology you have)
    They can turn to Level 4 to produce tanks and any armored units Besides the Death machine.
    -level 3 Staples will stop producing horsemen because they would be obsolete by now but will improve the correlating resource by 2. So production will increase by 2.
    -Deserts can be improved up to Level 2 to boost food likely to be called oasis.
    Certain nations can improve it to Level 3.
    -Aluminum level 2 can build tri plane
    Level 3 for Fighter and bomber
    Level 4 for jet and stealth bomber

    Everything else would be improved up to level 2 or 3 to boost its respected resource output.

    These new buildings that can build units can only produce them if a worker is in them which fills in a slot.

    Level 2 Unit buildings will require 2 workers to produce Units.

    Level 3 Unit buildings requires 3 Skill Workers.

    Level 4 Unit buildings requires 4 skilled workers.

    Improve Resources of 2-3 would not need any workers.

    Adding this aspect of the game would give the player, targets to aim for.
    Last note, If a city falls, the Unit building will not turn over to the enemy they have to capture it too.

    3. Ports:

    Same aspect of how the Unit building but it would be created by both Workers and workboats.
    For example:
    The worker will build a bridge and the workboats will build the platform.
    3 work boats and worker will be used to build 1 port.
    The port will be able to build a ship up to the caravan.
    The port will use 2 workboats to level up.

    -A level 2 Port will produce a Frigate
    3 workboats will be required to Level up

    -A level 3 Port will produce a ironclad and submarine.
    3 workboats and 3 Skill workers will be required to Level up

    -A level 4 port will produce, Carrier, Battleship, Destroyer, Nuclear Sub.

    These Port can be destroyed.
    They will be like cities by the shore with there own health and can be taken over.

    4. Air defensive.

    I like the Sam turret and the anti Air Unit they look great but they are practically worthless if they can' protect your city so it would be great if they can attack any planes that are in there radius when they are being attacked.
    To Balance it would have the defensive button but It'll focus on protecting whatever in it's radius.
    The steathbomber can by pass it.

    A Tower built by skill workers can damage the steath bomber with anti air aircraft missles made by the city.
    This would balance how overpower the steathbomber would be in a group.

    5. New transport unit

    Becomes available during the modern era, Susceptible to anti aircraft of any kind, but it able to fly land and sea moving 8 spaces a turn. They can only carry 4 Light units not heavy or armored like tanks or vehicles. They would practically be paratroopers.

    6. Change workers to neutral.

    Workers shouldn't be counted as a offensive unit so they can go into friend and ally nations lands.
    They would be used to help build an infrastructure.
    Attack them would be an act of war.

    7.New way of interaction

    When trading with a nation, there should be an Option to trade units or give units to the other nation.

    -Being friends with a nation allows neutral travel and an automatic pact of peace for 20 turns.
    It would be renew after every 20 turns

    -being Allies with nations would be an automatic open borders and peace for 40 turns.
    (Accepting any of these terms will suspend any spy activities so no war will start)

    -Create a pact with a nation

    Non aggression pact:
    Agreeing to a Non aggression pact, prevents the both nation from attacking each other but allow them to help each other to attack the selected nation(optional) (spies would be active compared to being friends or allies)
    For example: the text would be like,
    Red nation ask for Non A pact for War With Green nation.
    Blue nation has a choice between agreed
    Or agree and help.
    This would have red and blue be allies against green until 40 turns.
    Blue will automatically be at war with green also.
    But if blue nation just agreed they will not be at war with green but can't be help green or red until the pact ends.(This is an guarantee)

    Defensive pact:
    Similar to the Non A pact and allies but it's only selected to a target nation.
    Both nation can not attack each other and are Friends, their borders are closed.
    They both can not declare war unlike the ally which any nation can declare war and the have to help them.
    This pact will not allow both nation to declare war on anyone until it expires but if they are attacked they both will fight that nation.

    -Option to adjust the offer.
    Ai nations often ask for money from me or technology for a certain price.
    It would be great to see i can change it.
    So if they ask for one of my tech for 200 I can ask 250 for it. They can do the same for me.

    -Being able to buy tile spaces from their city.
    This would help if you are close to other nations and wish to take some of there space to improve yours. Ofc for a price.

    Also it would be great to have an option to pay tribute to an nation if you use their canal, city or are close and ask for a defender.

    8.Improved Ai's:

    They improved alot since version 1 when I started to play which is amazing.
    The issue with them are that they are lacking to be a real challenge. They dont focus on being on the coast of an island or spacing their cities so they can grow better. There isnt any emphasis on building roads that connects cities or improvements. Any gold they accumulated will be used to fight wars instead of it's city or expanding it. I would be terrified of an ai that focus on building a great city and expanding. Fighting a war with them would be epic since they would better organized.

    9. Stackable units

    This would give obsolete units a fighting chance with new units.
    3 riflemen would equal to 100, so they can do some damage to a single infantry man, but there defence does not change.

    -This would apply to all units but the space they are using no unit can be in it.

    -They can not travel by sea or be put into a transport.

    -they suffer a movement loss if the Unit movement is more than 2.
    So a stacked horseman can only move 3 spaces and a stack tank and only move 4.

    -they can be destacked or stacked up to3.

    10. New implements

    -World news
    It'll keep us engaged with whats going on in the world. Who started war with who, who discovered a new land, who has a monoply of a resource. This would be a fun addition to the game since it would feel like a your making history.

    For example,
    -every turn it'll say what everyone is doing. What achievement a nation achieved.
    Red nation has gained A world wonder
    Blue nation capital has reached level 50
    Green nation declared war with orange nation.
    It would cover any announcements which a player wants or needs to see.

    - World trade:
    It'll start out as just trade with any nation you find, it'll expand to all nation and it'll
    Be like exchange of resources so
    Iron, oil, coal, aluminum other resources will be sold to the exchange but also brought.
    Gems can be sold to it and you gain 2 coins for each one.

    It would be used up and limited.

    Iron and coal would be used to build tanks and other armour units.
    Aluminum would be used to build Planes.

    This was long, I'm sorry but if you just any one of these would be amazing, I love your work and hope it'll just get better.
  2. joseeliaz100


    Mar 19, 2018
    I have been playing World Of Empires for a while now and its great i recently got my brother into it and we often play LAN multiplayer together though sometimes as we end our turn the whole world freezes with the "EndTurn" caption on amd will not let us play forcing us to restart our world we have made about 10 different worlds now and the farthest we've ever gotten was to Turn 150 before having to make a new world due to ours not being usuable any longer please fix this or if the problem is on my nd please tell me the solution to this
  3. visualbruno


    Jan 2, 2015

    Sorry for the problem. I'm working hard on the version 2.0.
    I'm rewriting all the code for this new version, so better network gaming, a better UI, a better AI, new UI, new Engine and many new features.
    I'm doing my best to provide you a beta version for the end of this month.
    You can follow the progression on facebook:

    I attached some screenshots.

    Thank you

    Attached Files:

    theANMATOR2b and FreakForFreedom like this.
  4. bwess1119


    Apr 27, 2018
    Me and my friends love your game and want to congratulate you on your success!

    We were wondering if you had plans on implementing a resource sharing system between road linked cities and if at some point cities would share their culture border and tiles? Currently only the city owning the iron tile can access the units it allows, unless of course, we are missing a way to share the resource between our cities.

  5. visualbruno


    Jan 2, 2015
    Hi. Thank you

    City borders will be merged in version 2.0, but I did not think yet about sharing resources with roads.
    You can share resources between cities with Caravan and CargoShip.

    By default they are limited to 2 resources, but you can increase this number with some buildings.
    They have 2 roles:
    1. Share/send strategy resources like uranium and iron.
    2. Share/send city resources like food, production and gold
    In the second role, it can be useful when you build a new city to send it some production and food. So it will grow faster.

    I'm working hard to provide a beta version for the next week.

    Release note:
    ▸New UI: UI has been completely redesigned to provide you a better experience
    ▸Local Multiplayer: You can play a multiplayer party on the same device
    ▸Future units and technologies :Create cyborgs and drones, protect your cities with Energy Shield
    ▸Promotions: Enhance your units
    ▸Dominate oceans: Build cities on ocean and move them.
    ▸New Map Editor: Place your resources, rivers and starting points for the civilizations.
    ▸New World Generator: Change how the world looks like, with Terraforming.

    Best Regards

    Attached Files:

  6. MNKrylov


    May 18, 2018
    1) In the last two versions, sometimes (rarely) the game frezze up when you select the end point for the construction of the road.
    2) when taking a city, NullReferenceException happened several times (but not always, when loading from the save and the same actions could not happen.). I can send the save, but this error does not appear to be guaranteed.
    Best regards

    Attached Files:

  7. visualbruno


    Jan 2, 2015
    Thank you very much

    I found and fixed the bug concerning the NullReferenceException.
    You can dowload the apk here:

    I did not reproduce yet the bug concerning the road.

    Best Regards
  8. shanepower121


    May 31, 2018
    I feel that there should be another naval unit, primarily at the start of the game. The trireme only has one troop capacity and greatly limits troops you can transport. Perhaps a weak naval unit could be introduced with a high troop capacity to make transporting troops a lot easier at the start. A real marvel of a game though.
  9. JM445


    Jun 22, 2018

    What a great game, thank's, I couldn't find a good strategy game on android before that.
    The game concept and functionalities are really cool sadly it's very buggy and counterintuitive...
    - The resources display is completely incomprehensible: For example with production, if I understand well, internally you have an amount of "production" units and a production per turn to fill it in, but in the buildings list, the cost is displayed in turns, so we can't figure how much better is a city with +30 production and another with +45. I think you need to choose, either you display everything in turns everywhere, or you display everything in quantity but not a mix.

    - Same with search points

    - Battle informations are also incomprehensible, you have some power, lifepoint and bonus power, but this is meaningless cause the real damages are completely different of the predictions, and are not calculable manually cause we don't know what math calculation there are behind.

    - Handling is horrible, camera movement are too slow and very difficult on big map cause you always click on a city ore something. It is also buggy for exemple when you click the "sleeping unit" button, camera is moved to a soldier but if you don't touch the map before the soldier, it comes back where it was before... Really annoying. A camera smooth stopping would be a plus too, it would help move far distances.

    - Buttons works 1/2 times, sometime you click and nothing happens, and they lack of reaction to click (like a blinking or something to show you if you really clicked)

    - Tiles information and units are completely conterintuitive, why don't you create an unique popup to show the unit list and the tile informations? Also we can't choose an enemy target when there are more than one unit on a tile, it's annoying cause they often stack a lot of units and you can't destroy one if they keep bringing some upside, tile information popup could be re-used when selecting targets.

    - We can't send units on allies territories manually without starting war, but the pathfinding don't care, why? Either fix pathfinding or let us move on allies tiles would be cool.

    - General commands are horribles, "cross" buttons style is oldschool lol. At least let us close popups and menus simply by touching anything else on screen.

    - There are a lot more little bugs and annoying little things but the mix of all of these are destroying gameplay experience in my mind.

    This game has a great potential and I will follow updates closely ;)

    Thank's for reading,
    cordially, JM

    PS: If you need some help with code, I can help. I'm not a good graphic designer, but a much better developer and program architect ;) Your game caught my attention, I would be glad to help.

    PS2: Sorry for my english, I'm French
  10. visualbruno


    Jan 2, 2015
    Bonjour, je vais vous répondre en français.

    Merci pour votre email.

    Je suis en train de finaliser la version 2.0. Tout a été refait, je pense que vous aurez une meilleure expérience utilisateur.

    Si vous être intéressé pour la tester, voici le lien pour Android:

    J'ai également démarré un nouveau forum:

    Je n'ai pas encore implémenté les espions, je veux faire quelque chose de bien meilleur que dans la version actuelle.

    Vous pouvez m'écrire en français en tout temps à, je vis à Lausanne.

    Meilleures salutations