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Feature Request Allow a different review rule per category (when they release)

Discussion in 'Unity User-Generated Content' started by Tirt, May 17, 2023.

  1. Tirt


    Jul 11, 2022
    When categories release, please allow us to change the review rule per category.

    For example:
    I have multiple types of content my players can upload. They can upload music, sound effects and levels (maps). I would like maps to be flexible (no approval necessary) but music and sound effects to be strict (require approval) because of potential copyright issues.

    Levels - Flexible
    Sound Effects - Strict
    Music - Strict
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  2. zjebali


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 3, 2021
    This is great feedback, we will add this to our road map. I can see the value in the use cases.
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