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Bug All my scene become invisible after being in Play mode and Editor slow [2022.1.20f1 URP]

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by shuskry, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. shuskry


    Oct 10, 2015
    Hi everybody :)

    I updated to Unity 2022.1.20f1 from unity 2021 LTS. And I have some trouble with it ..
    I'm using URP

    -My first problem is ,
    once in two, when I launch the play mode to test my game, then I stop, my whole scene becomes invisible in the "Scene mode". All objects are not renderer anymore. They are well in the hierarchy, with their script, as well as their position in the scene, but they are no longer visible...

    I have to restart my project each time to make my scene reappear.
    little more info, if I save before restarting, it does not affect my project in any way, I find it with a scene visible when it reopens.

    -My second trouble is that the editor is soooooo slow. With Unity 2021 last LTS , My editor was smooth , fast , and no waiting time for anything.
    For example , I have also Plastic SCM , and when I save my scene, It can take 5 minutes to "Finding change in the workspace"

    A other example, In Play mode, If I have both, scene and game mode open , I think I have maximum 10 fps , editor get so bad performance here... Before with Unity 2021, with both opened, I was with maybe around 200 fps for a thansound object in the scene. In this case it's with 10 object in it ...

    Last example, when I click On play mode or stop, It can take 20-30 to second to stop or play ...with some loading ect...

    I already have disable the "Reload domain/Scene" in the Enter Play Mode Settings :/

    The only positif point that make me stay on this version is a gain of performance in my build.. But it's make the work so painful ...

    If someone can explain to me how I can improve all of that I'll really appreciate ! :)

    Have a nice day ! :D