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Bug All context menus on Editor are bugged

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by CONGOBILL, Nov 4, 2021.



    Mar 4, 2020
    All context windows that needs to load array elements to show (Native & Plugins) are completely broken on Linux OS. It's really difficult to use the editor on that systems. Console is full of GUI errors constantly. Tested on 3 different distributions.

    Ubuntu 20.04: GUI Completely broken.
    Ubuntu 21.10: Some Graphic bugs on GUI and context windows don't open.
    Manjaro KDE 21.1.6: Context windows are broken, still difficult to use the editor, sometimes it work (with graphics bugs), sometimes not. (The video is in this distribution).
    Windows 11: Everything works correctly (except OS that is crappy).

    Unity Versions Tested (All have the same problem): 2019.4.31f1, 2020.3.21f1.

    There are a lot of Linux users that want to use Unity Editor so please, fix this major errors.