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AI Planner in WebGL

Discussion in 'AI & Navigation Previews' started by smtayl23, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. smtayl23


    Feb 1, 2019
    I am just getting started using the AI Planner package but before I get too far, I want to make sure it will run in WebGL (requirement for my project). I am using:
    • Unity 2019.4.5
    • AI Planner Version 0.2.3
    • VacuumRobot planner sample
    The project works fine when running in the Unity editor. To build for WebGL, I modified the build settings to this (the only changes I made):


    The build completed successfully, and I got the following errors at run time (full log attached):


    Is it possible to run this sample in WebGL? In general, will I be able to build games using the planner to be run in WebGL?

    Thanks in advance

    Attached Files: