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Resolved AI driven NPCs

Discussion in 'DOTS Dev Blitz Day 2022 - Q&A' started by lemapp, Dec 8, 2022.

  1. lemapp


    Mar 30, 2020
    So many of the questions asked so far seem like grad school questions. I find that AI driven NPCs eats up processing time. Would it be advantageous to pull some of the coding into DOTS? Thanks. Wanted to know before tackling something that would be a waste of time.
  2. IsaacsUnity


    Unity Technologies

    Mar 1, 2022
    Hey Lemapp, thanks for the question. It really depends on what you're trying to achieve with your AI NPCs. Generally, ECS for Unity is useful if you need to execute common/shared game logic across a large number of entities, which is the case for AI-driven NPCs.

    This is not a guarantee that you will get the performance you're looking for because it depends on how you ultimately implement your game code. Thematically, I can say that we've seen users leverage ECS for AI-driven NPCs use cases pretty successfully. I hope that helps.