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Affinity for Unity Development

Discussion in 'Community Learning & Teaching' started by makaka-org, Nov 16, 2022.

  1. makaka-org


    Dec 1, 2013
    Affinity 2.0 is here ⭐

    I use Affinity since the 2019 year instead of Photoshop, and I am absolutely happy with it.
    Usually, I make covers, icons, and textures for Unity Assets, Games, and websites, but also I can edit my home photos.

    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 13.04.03.png

    I just bought the new 2.0 version of this Photoshop Alternative. This was not needed, because Affinity has no subscription, so I could use the previous version as long as possible, but new Affinity Photo provides new features (e.g., WebP export) and improvements, so I decided to invest some money in my workflow.

    You can get Affinity here.

    Here are my experience and previous posts about Affinity:
  2. mgear


    Aug 3, 2010
    does 2.0 have these fixed / improved? (i did download the 2.0 trial, but haven't had time to test..)

    - ctrl+n (new image), doesn't take image size from clipboard
    - no crop to selection
    - no trim image
    - cannot resize brush with mouse and ctrl key
    - no ctrl+t to resize/rotate selection/image (also no right click menu to do that)
    - make selection, copy paste ctrl+c, ctrl+v, cannot drag the new pasted image around
    - marquee selection, then copy paste, doesn't work
    - no info window, to show selection size

    i bought the previous version, hoping to replace photoshop,
    but so many features are missing that it didn't work..: /

    (and looking at their forums, many of those have been requested for years, but affinity is not interested)