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[Advice/Opinion] Do NOT use UWP for Xbox

Discussion in 'Windows' started by albertjames, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. albertjames


    Aug 11, 2018

    After many many days trying to get a basic shooter to work on Xbox without killing all possible details, solving one incomprehensible bug after the other, shaders not working, optimizing, reading dozen of forums, and scraping every bit of the very sparse documentation on the process. I decided that I made a very big mistake trying to get my game working on Xbox with UWP.

    This is not angry ranting, I am posting because I wish somebody had told me before I start that it would be a giant pain in the ass :) So word to the wise, if you can avoid it: DO NOT START. The technology is just not there. Maybe with a dev kit it is not the case, but with UWP it is just not worth the pain.

    If you do need to do it, i got the best performance using the answer by J_Sauve here with around 20fps with the lowest possible quality:
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