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Advanced Texturing and Displacement Component [Released]

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by gaustwick, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. gaustwick


    May 23, 2009
    Update 1.1 released! See more info in the next post.

    The Advanced Texturing and Displacement Component is finally finished:) (WIP thread)


    This system allows for multitexturing an arbitrary mesh, based on a splat map with up to 4 textures. Each splat is normal mapped, and they have the option (at runtime or compile time) of being parallax mapped, relief mapped or parallax occlusion mapped. The level of displacement is set per texture, as is the specular colour. A specular map can be integrated into the diffuse map alpha channel using the tools provided. A full mesh normal map can be integrated with the splat normal maps, and a fallback texture can be provided as well.
    As this is not a terrain replacement shader, a set of tools is provided to export the terrain and the required maps (although not vegetation or trees at this point) for use in this shader.

    In short, this system provides:
    • 4 texture multitexturing with normal maps
    • parallax mapping
    • relief mapping
    • parallax occlusion mapping with optional self shadowing
    • per splat specular and specular colour
    • whole mesh normal map
    • whole mesh fallback texture
    • blending by height of splat
    • PS 2.0 fallback(4 mesh multitexture+ whole mesh normal map) that also runs on modern mobile GPUs
    • whole mesh shininess for Beast interaction
    • a component that encapsulates all the functionality that can be attached to the mesh, and hot-swaps in the selected shaders
    • specular map into alpha of diffuse tool
    • tool for integrating splat heightmaps for displacement mapping
    • built in terrain mesh exporter
    • built in terrain splatmap exporter
    • heightmap exporter for built in terrain to generate whole mesh normal map
    • texture grayscale exporter for simplified displacement map, where displacement map for texture is unavailable
    • a five level quality system with user selectable quality features for each level. After setup, the level can be changed at runtime.
    An *experimental* four splat with per-splat normal map, specular map and specular colour for Tegra 3 based mobiles with a fallback to the shader mentioned above for other mobiles. (Note: this is *very* resource intensive, and so should be used sparingly)

    The source to first-person versions of each of these demos is included in the package.
    The component using normal, parallax and relief modes with a variety of terrains

    The component using Parallax Occlusion Mapping with a fly-through

    The component and quality component used together with Unity set to “Fantastic”

    The component and quality component used together with Unity set to “Good”

    Please read the following links to see if you think this component is right for you before buying:
    Full documentation

    Asset Store Link
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012
  2. gaustwick


    May 23, 2009
    Update 1.1 has been released! This brings two new demos to show off the capabilities of this component.

    Demo One

    This shows that the component can do more than terrains, if the tree in the last set of demos wasn’t enough:) This is a first person walkabout of a small cave, made up of three meshes in a single object – the floor, the walls/ceiling and stalactites. As they are a single object, they share a single component and splatmap, with the mesh edges where the walls meet the floor obscured by moss.

    Here’s the webplayer.

    Press "Q" to open the quality menu. The quality settings are:
    • Very Low: Normal mapping, normal blending.
    • Low: Normal mapping, height blending.
    • Medium: Parallax mapped normal mapping, height blending
    • High: Parallax occlusion mapped normal mapping, height blending
    • Very High: Parallax occlusion mapped normal mapping, height blending and self-shadowing

    Demo Two

    This shows a column being slowly covered by moss. This is done by procedurally animating the splatmap using a script. To see it in action, here’s a video:

    And here’s the webplayer.

    This version also includes general bugfixes. For more information see the release notes.

    Also, the price has been dropped to $35.

    As before, check the FAQ and the documentation to see if this component is suitable for your work.

    And, of course, here is the Asset Store link.
  3. gaustwick


    May 23, 2009
    Just to keep everybody in the loop, we're working on a new version of this component which is fully Unity 4 compatible, including DirectX11 tesselation and the new Unity Terrain materials.
  4. Lars-Steenhoff


    Aug 7, 2007
    Cool! Many new terrain tools released nowadays, I love that.