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Unity Ads Documentation Updates

Discussion in 'Unity Ads' started by elora_k, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. elora_k


    Unity Technologies

    Sep 20, 2016

    We just released a bunch of new Ads documentation that we believe you'll find extremely helpful. Much of the information previously relegated to forum posts or Knowledge Base articles is now available in thorough, detailed articles. As a result, some things have moved around. To make sure there's no confusion, here is a summary of where to find what content:

    Ads Wiki
    • Getting started: A birds-eye view of what's contained in the documentation. Primarily contains outlines Integration, Implementation, Analysis, and Support material.
    • Integration Guides: Walkthroughs for integrating Unity Ads into the Unity Engine, iOS, or Android.
    • Dashboard guide (new!): Helpful information, with screenshots, for navigating the Operate section of the Developer Dashboard and managing your Ads-enabled Projects.
    • Placements and filters: A totally revamped article detailing how to implement Placements, manage them in the Dashboard, and filter the ad content that appears in your game.
    • Monetization statistics: The stats article previously only contained information on the Stats API. We expanded it to include information on using the Dashboard metrics and reporting tools. There's also a really helpful section on Ads terminology and understanding your data.
    • S2S redeem callbacks: This remains unchanged, describing how your game communicates with the Unity Ads network.
    • Revenue and payment (new!): A comprehensive guide to receiving the revenue you earn.
    • Best practices guide (new!): A must-read article full of advice on how to use design and data to maximize your ad revenue.

    After evaluating all our help material, we wanted to provide much better, comprehensive content up-front in our documentation, and rely less on FAQs. What this means:
    • We've extensively pruned the Ads (Publishers) section of the Knowledge Base, paring it down to a more concentrated, relevant set of frequently asked questions. We also updated tags for these questions for better searchability. Why did we do this?
      • Many of the articles were redundant, or slight variations of each other. Better tagging was preferable to using variable phrasing for search optimization.
      • Much of the content had become less relevant over time. Where possible, we do not want to maintain the same information in multiple places, and believe the Wiki is the best source to point to.
      • More focused content means less browsing long lists of questions hoping to find one that addresses your issue.
    • Because information contained in the Wiki's Monetization FAQs article is now better detailed in the new documentation, we plan to deprecate it. Its URL will remain active so as not to create any dead-ends in old forum posts that may still be helpful to users with questions -- but in the future it will redirect to the appropriate help article. Why did we do this?
      • Most of the FAQs in this article were there simply because no documentation existed on their associated topics. Now it does! For example, questions regarding payment are now covered in great depth in the Revenue and payment article; questions regarding stats, revenue, and terminology are now covered in great depth in the Monetization statistics and Best practices guide article. Again, the benefit is better up-front information, and not having to update content in multiple locations (thus risking some sources falling out of sync and spreading wrong information).
    • Most importantly, ALL INFORMATION THAT PREVIOUSLY EXISTED WAS PRESERVED. It's just (hopefully!) more robust and better organized now. If we've eliminated a FAQ, it's because the question is now clearly addressed in an article.
    We'll strive to make sure information that is already out there does not link to obsolete content. Unity generates a lot of great community support, so this isn't always possible but we'll do our absolute best. We hope you find the new structure and detail helpful, and welcome feedback!
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