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Adjusting start and end frames of animation clip with script

Discussion in 'Animation' started by themisharis, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. themisharis


    Aug 12, 2019
    I have a .fbx model which is imported into Unity. (version 2019.3)
    There is one animation clip attached to the model.

    I want to cut the animation clip into multiple clips based on some separation data that I have (the start and end frames of each piece). I want to do this automatically and the process which I would follow manually goes like this:
    * Click on the model file. On the inspector, go under the Animation tab and modify the start and end frames of the animation.
    * Click on APPLY
    Expand the fbx file on the project window. Then duplicate the animation clip file. That's one clip.

    I want to automate this procedure. I found that I don't have access to a clip's start and end frame. So I tried to use ModelImporter to access the import settings of the model and mimic the procedure above. Using that, I tried to also use ModelImporterClipAnimation and then change the fields firstFrame and lastFrame. Then, I use Instantiate() to copy the newly modified animation clip and save that copied clip somewhere else.

    My problem is that the clip doesn't seem to be modified. When I use Instantiate(), the whole clip is copied without any change to its start and end frames. I tried using SerializedObject as an attempt to mimic the pressing of the APPLY button in the model settings window, but I had no success.

    Any ideas about how to simplify the process or of what I am doing wrong?