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Addressables usability

Discussion in 'Addressables' started by rbabiuch, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. rbabiuch


    Jul 22, 2019
    Preface: This is going to come out a bit "complainy", but I don't mean it too.

    I've tripped over a couple of issues repeatedly now, which I feel like could have been mitigated by better error messages, and perhaps better formatted workflow documentation.

    The first issue is of trying to load an asset and getting an InvalidKeyException due to:
    * case 1: ghost mono behaviours on a prefab
    * case 2: trying to load a Texture2D as a Sprite

    In both instances, the "key" was correct, the types were different, the exception was unhelpful. Catching the exception and printing a better error message such as, "Hmm.. couldn't find an asset at that key and type, perhaps your type is incorrect?"... and then try to call LoadResourceLocationsAsync() on that key and see if there is a cache hit.

    The second issue is, on workflow. It appears that the addressables packages is quite powerful and quite customizable for different setups. For a default "Does this work on device?" workflow, the documentation could benefit from

    Step 1: Make something addressable
    Step 2: code to load asset asynchronously
    Step 3: Build Player Content
    Step 4: Build player for device.
    Step 5: Test on device

    right now, there is quite a bit of noise (needlessly extra info that could be put elsehwere) to signal here:

    While ordered vertically on the page, the page reads more like a reference than a step-by-step getting started guide. Adding an ordered list of steps at the top and some formatting would increase the readability and barrier to grokking of using the package.

    best regards,
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  2. Favo-Yang


    Apr 4, 2011
    Yes, it's highly customizable. Make it much harder to get started. Unfortunately it's exactly the opposite of "convention over configuration". But I guess managing asset is a hard job, especially when mixing it with devops tasks, like how to hosting it.

    Thanks for all the advices.
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