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Question (Addressables) Unable to load asset bundle

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by islamagdy111, Oct 29, 2022.

  1. islamagdy111


    Oct 29, 2019
    Hi there..
    I'm new to addressables, I followed this tutorial on youtube (
    ) and I made it, so I was able to make my prefab level downloaded from cloud at the beginning of the scene as a test. everything was fine, then I mad some changes and updated the addressable build. and from here it stopped working at all...
    I tried everything, I also started all steps from beginning and no luck.
    it says in unity console (RemoteProviderException : Unable to load asset bundle from : (Link)... ResponseCode : 404), I tried Unity dashboard and digitalocean to upload assets.
    I'm using android platform

    anyone know what is the problem here???
  2. islamagdy111


    Oct 29, 2019
    at last I did it, it was nightmare for days.
    for those who have the same problem:
    the steps have to be in exact specific order...
    1- run setup guide in unity dashboard /LifeOps/Cloud Content Delivery, (upload any small file for now).
    2- go to your bucket and copy the url with the latest badge (Not the release one).
    3- put the url link in unity Addressables Profiles / RemoteLoadPath.
    4- build the addressables group.
    5- delete the small file (in number 1 of this steps), and upload the files from ServerData to your bucket.
    6- create new release.
    and you are done :)

    * if you promoted the release => start from number 4 again and follow the steps
    * if you made changes to groups => update the addressables group, then follow steps from number 5