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Additive tracks in the timeline

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by emotiontales, May 27, 2017.

  1. kafedrax


    Jun 7, 2021
    update to my prev.

    As i am 10hour noob in Unity, it takes me 3 hour to understand that ILayerable implemented methods invent the ability to ADD LAYER on right mouse clik at the track - and if i use one track and several layers - i get the GLITCH FREE situation.
    As i use pre generated library of clips for every channel value move - unity timeline seems like ideal sequensor with mixed control concept - i can work in raw channel-value control mode (with the ability of visualization in unity in parralel with artnet udp sends to real hardware) , and in the same moment i can place at timeline control events to start some generative algorythms or even send executive commands to stage crew )) . And all of this in sync with sound track and can be precisely adjusted in time.
    I dont know yet how it will work for 1.5 h show and thousands clips on timeline, but Unity is the best that i have in comparision with other sequensors

    Squeazer, Thaaanks !!!
    Unity team - please read this consideration, it's a new market for you, there's not so large effort to implement some features - to get new app fields for Unity.
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  2. BlueSpirit


    Jun 10, 2013
    Awesome! Thanks for the script. It's working perfectly on my end. However, it always takes the base layer anim clip's first frame transform position as 0,0,0 even though that frame has a different position value. So it's not taking the transform values as it would on a normal animation track.

    Any ideas on how to get that to work with this script?
  3. kafedrax


    Jun 7, 2021
    3 iam 20hr noob in unity timline )) so....

    here's the another dig in point for me , just to understang TL architecture.

    Aftert that tutorial i decide additive track problem on my own with creating my custom track and clip (but i loose ability of curve editing, not a problem for me) with the following steps.

    1)Create custom clip as editable from GUI parameters holder (may be there's the way to provide "curve asset" to parameter in easy way i don't now yet)
    2)Create custom playable behaviour as runtime parameter acceptor from clip
    3)Create custom track and custom mixer as weighted adder of current playable behavour values
    4) [TRICK POINT] attach to the animated game object script component that working in two phases:
    ph.a) accept calls of some AcceptValueToSumButCheckForFirsTimeCallForCurrentFrame(values) from all track mixers on all tracks ( from override ProcessFrame method of PlayableBehaviour )
    ph.b) in update() method just provide accumulated values to game object
    p.s. also need some state management to prevent value latch effect.

    so i loose curve editing ability , but receive cross track mixing and high level of customization of mixing logic (not only sum)
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  4. npatch


    Jun 26, 2015
    @seant_unity any update on Additive Layers for Timeline Animation Tracks?
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