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Adding a UI/Menu in VR? Getting Started With 360 Video Tutorial

Discussion in 'VR' started by d2161, May 9, 2019.

  1. d2161


    Dec 16, 2017
    I want to make an app with several different 360 videos and the problem I have is creating a Menu/UI for selecting which 360 video to play for the Oculus Go.

    I tried the Getting Started with 360 Video tutorial for Unity VR but found that it had corrupt prefabs and couldn't get through the tutorial. I also tried VRTK but couldn't get that working either after following the setup tutorial to the teeth. I must have spent at least 15h on searching for a solution now.

    For the Getting Started With 360 Video tutorial, when I try to drag any of the prefabs into the scene or the hierarchy, it doesn't instantiate. Either I'm not understanding something (which is certainly possible) or the file is broken (which I think it is since the scenes have these corrupt empty prefabs). I've tried this in a few different versions of Unity but kept getting the same issue as well. If you happen to have these files available, would you be so kind to share them?

    The below is the tutorial I was referring to and the assets it came:
    Tutorial Link:

    Assets Link:

    I understand someone else just posted about working on a UI/Menu in VR. I'm that someone 2 days in the future so if anyone could help, it'd kill 2 birds with one stone :)
    Thanks for your time!