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Add touch canvas on top of Google VR SDK 1.10?

Discussion in 'AR/VR (XR) Discussion' started by justdizzy, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. justdizzy


    Mar 8, 2016
    I want to add a button to the outer frame, like the GEAR and BACK buttons, to toggle VR Mode on and off, but I still want the reticle to function properly in both modes. I can do this visually by adding a new canvas with the button, but the button does not receive any touch events because the Event System does not have the "Standalone Input Module". If I add the module above the GVR Pointer Input Module (below does nothing), the button sometimes receives touches, but then the GVR Point is glitchy, like very delayed in growing to show the hover state.

    Has anyone found a solution for this?

    Alternatively modding the GEAR menu to include the VR toggle could work, but then I would want it showing when it wasn't in VR mode.

    Using Unity 5.5.0