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Audio Adaptive Sci-Fi Music with Interactive Demo

Discussion in 'Art Assets In Progress' started by shadowsoflight, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. shadowsoflight


    Aug 23, 2021
    Project Title: Adaptive Sci-Fi Music with Interactive Demo
    Summary of the project/asset/tool: A series of adaptive music packs that will include custom scripts and FMOD projects, for maximum usability. Each pack will contain 3 "sets" of the following:
    • Adaptive track (1 minute) - the exact nature of the layering/morphing will depend on the pack.
      • Individual layers
      • Pre-curated combinations of layers
      • C# scripts
      • FMOD project
    • Menu music (with and without a brief intro)
    • Trailer music (2 minute and 1 minute version)
    Each of the 3 sets in a pack will have the same theme and sound design, so they can be used together effectively. The combo of Adaptive + Menu + Trailer is intended to help devs create a unified sound across a game, even with just a single set.

    I also plan to work on some of my scripting & game development skills as I work through the packs, to hopefully create more interesting interactive demos over time.

    Latest video:

    Latest WebGL Demo: Adaptive Sci-Fi Music: Retrofuturistic Dystopia (Interactive Demo) - Unity Play

    • Working PoC using the FPS Microgame, but with my own custom scripts for the music system (Done!)
    • Currently finalizing the first pack: "Retrofuturistic Dystopia" (Action feel)
      • Adaptive layers: Low Threat (+/-Melody), High Threat (+/-Melody), Battle.
    • Future packs I'm planning in this series - each will have a different logic to the layers that is hopefully reflective of the genre they go with:
      • "Wonders of Space" (Adventure feel)
      • "Trials and Terrors" (Horror feel)
      • "Grand Armies" (Strategy feel)
    • I am currently working through a series of tutorials on building a Space Shooter. I hope to get through the series and make it into the next iteration of the interactive demo. At some point, I would love to be able to showcase each of the packs in a game of an appropriate genre, so that I can learn about the development of those games.
    Feedback Request: There are a few things I'd love to hear about, for anyone willing to take the time:
    • Is it useful to include Scripts and/or FMOD projects with music packs?
    • Is the "set" idea helpful, or would it be better to ditch the menu & trailer in favour of more adaptive tracks?
    • Is the consistency in sound design helpful? (i.e. is it nice to have multiple options for the same game?)
    • Does this feel like enough content to catch someone's eye in the asset store?
    • Does the quality of the music & adaptive layering stand up reasonably well to other products you've seen? (Might as well rip the band-aid off if this doesn't stack up)
    I have lots of other music in my back-catalogue, I plan to convert some of that into free packs soon-ish. They will not be quite as in-depth as these packs. (See my Bandcamp page - everything is Creative Commons, and free to download already, just not cut down into usable loops)

    Also, this is my first post - hi, everyone :D
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