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Ad networks - which one to use when releasing on Amazon App Store

Discussion in 'Android' started by djfrail, May 28, 2015.

  1. djfrail


    Jan 16, 2014
    Howdy. I'm about done with my multiplatform game (iOS, Google Play, Amazon) and have started looking into ad networks. I'm thinking about using one of the companies that do mediation and have Unity sdks like HeyZap, Fyber or MoPub.

    I'm releasing for Amazon App Store first. In my research over the last few days, I haven't really found much info about ad networks supporting the Amazon App Store.

    I'm curious - those of you with games on the Amazon App Store, how are you out handling ads? Which ad company are you using?

  2. Addvertize


    Oct 11, 2018
    Hi guys, I would suggest you checking out Addvertize. Mostly it is focused on smart trigger-based ad serving, which generates legit additional advertising revenue stream for Google Play or non-Google Play users, depending on your settings. Researches show, that 100% of Android paid apps and 80% of free apps are being hacked, that's why the project also focuses on application and it's SDK protection technologies. However, it is also a service project, that has several unique features that no one has or ever had:

    -one click SDK integration
    -protection from any adware/malware injection
    -protection from SDK removal
    -trigger based ad serving system
    -automatic detection (if needed) of non-Google Play installs and serving additional ads to those installs
    -remote control over ads behavior

    In other words, it has everything to increase your revenue and - what's more important, to protect your traffic and apps from being stolen!