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accessibility of unity editor and game engine woes and needs fixing asap

Discussion in 'Editor Workflows' started by visionman50, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. visionman50


    Dec 19, 2017
    hi. a screen reader user of unity, as a it student doing certificate iv interactive gaming from and using jaws and non visual desktop access and using windows narrator , windows 10 1903. okay, a quite a few things needs fixing regarding accessibility a person named danniell from the netherlands, lost her sight and was a animator, and in 2015. wanted unity to make it more accessible with jaws. also the mac, ios, has voice over screen reader, so developers at unity need to test, as don'g use a mac. it is command f 5 to turn it on and off, and on ios, triple click the home button or the power button, and also hold down the two fingers till talk back and samsung voice guide comes up for android. okay back to windows 10 pc. the start screen does not read at all with jaws, so have to use nvda, and the links do read. okay, cannot edit in unity, does not read the editor screen, so have to then create the scripts and then code in visual studio community 2019. with intalling unity, pity no support for visual studio 2019, stable release. none of the tree view or the dialogs read that great, unless i use the ocr function for screen, window, control, then able to read or use the virual virtual viewer. no way to then have it read some elements, like the preferences dialog, not using best accessibility and standard controls, and when i do build, have to use the jaws ocr in the console window. and when i do build and get the configuration screen, when i try to play the game, jaws and nvda does not read any thing at all. so, now on the site, a lot of work needs working on, unlableed buttons, and when i try to join a group, with jaws and nvda, cannot hear the edit fields or a way to add a post. the editor is sort of accessible. don't have a credit card or paypal. and the accessiilbity add-on is only developing accessible games, unless i need that, then need a free copy, and wonder how accessible that is. and when i look at their road map for the future a few months back, febuary, nothing for accessibility. come on unity, any developers, who work with blind gamers. want to have a user friendly, accessible game engine. unreal game engine is not that accessible, and also there should be a accessibility page on the unity site, if they are so concerned with accessibility. the only accessible game engine is blast bays studios or just google that blast bay studio, and it is based on angel script, and has not been updated, and does have some limitations. have to find your own 2d and 3d assets, and other components. so, any one listening. the only way unity is going take us blind users and gamers, and then post to a couple of blind groups on, and designing accessible games, and also their's audio a forum for the blind. the only way, unity should take their obligations and adhere to the americans with disability bill, and section 508 for making site and applications accessible to people with disabilities, is a class action, that's about the only way blind orgs, when target would not make their site accessible, national federation of the blind and the american foundation for the blind launched class action in 2005 or 2008, and target was forced to make their site more accessible, same with a couple of large universities, so come on unity. if the developers are reading this, the accessibility dept was set up in september, seen nothing yet about this. did post under the title of editor section using unity with a screen reader or jaws accessibility. come on. or do we the blind community have to come kicking and screaming to for you to make these changes. also i could not build my final game with 2018. only a build folder, no exe, and also could not get the standalone package for 2019, had to use unity hug, which is half a web page, half an application and not a pleasant experience. a real pain to use, and also would not build my other game project for an assignment. so went back to unity 2017.4.27 64 bit, and it built my games, exe files. so come on, a lot of things to fix for unity. have tried to contact support about this for the past two years, but being ignored, becasue a blind user, and we are a small part of the market. marvin from australia. ps: using windows 10 home 64 bit 1903, on a assus vivo book x 540 uar, running jaws 2019 latest build, nvda 2019 latest version, and using unity 2017.4.27 64 bit.
  2. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014

    We had recently discussion on similar topic.
    Instead me extracting major points and conclusions, I will link to the thread.
    Unity: Not Quite So...Unified?
    There are discussed different points of view, regarding accessibility of Unity Editor and challenges involved with that, while using strictly visual editor purpose build editor. It may be useful, or not, however, there are two pages to read, at given time.

    On other hand, while there is lack of formatting in OP post, which makes it really bad for whom can see and read, at least appreciate, for using punctuation.

    Mind, Unity is fortunately not an American company. So in worse case scenario, you may make your self favor, by pushing out of USA Unity. And you will need stick with your, which is actually wrong link, and should be

    Also, bear in mind, accessible games and accessible game editor, not necessarily have to go in pairs.

    Not sure, if OP read the suggested links by self, but
    Talks strictly about games accessibility. Not about editors accessibility. With few small exceptions, for what I found.

    Nothing striking really. At least, no much of input, from other vision impaired developers.
    Editor accessibility
    Unity accessibility
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