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Accelerator V2 put asset with 0 size pollute the cache

Discussion in 'Unity Accelerator' started by chenglongunity, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. chenglongunity


    Apr 8, 2020
    Hi all:
    After upgrade project to unity 2019.3 and switch to accelerator with V2 asset pipeline, I ran into a very annoying problem, like the log below shows:

    1. At around 5:50 someone uploaded the asset 1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec with 17692 in size, which is fine
    2. At around 6:16 someone uploaded the asset 1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec with 0 in size, which is abvious corrupted content.
    3. later on any request to get this asset will get a 0 sized content, S*** happens.

    Is there any way I can avoid this type of error? Thanks!

    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T05:48:51.150Z","msg":"handled putRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":955,"remote":"","segment_id":129146,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","size":17692,"status":"ok","status_code":0}
    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T05:50:25.643Z","msg":"handled getRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":990,"remote":"","segment_id":5348,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","status":"ok","status_code":0,"size":17692}
    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T05:53:09.074Z","msg":"handled getRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":988,"remote":"","segment_id":20366,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","status":"ok","status_code":0,"size":17692}
    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T06:16:39.200Z","msg":"handled putRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":1014,"remote":"","segment_id":16479,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","size":0,"status":"ok","status_code":0}
    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T06:22:47.767Z","msg":"handled getRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":209,"remote":"","segment_id":83903,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","status":"ok","status_code":0,"size":0}
    {"level":"debug","ts":"2020-04-08T06:31:29.692Z","msg":"handled getRequest","agent_id":"e3d51a378801_id","agent_name":"e3d51a378801","component":"pbservice","subprocess_id":6,"conn_id":1024,"remote":"","segment_id":20351,"namespace":"78b2fdc254b0a4f8a4693a81bb96598a","key":"1698841aa966f29c4954873559572bec","status":"ok","status_code":0,"size":0}
  2. bradunity


    Unity Technologies

    Nov 12, 2013
    @chenglongunity , sorry for not reaching out until now. We've been looking at the logs you've posted here and it seems to indicate the Unity Editor is intentionally saving an asset with a size of zero, which is highly irregular. The only case we have seen where this might happen is when a shader importer hits certain conditions (as yet, we haven't tracked down what they are, yet) it will treat the failure unintentionally as a success and indicate to the asset import pipeline that the results are to be saved. Clearly we need to add more checks around that which will be done hopefully in the 2020.1 release (and backported to 2019.4 LTS if at all possible).

    We were curious if your issue was reproducable and if you might be willing to send me your Editor.log via a private message? If you can reproduce this, we were also wondering if you might try the latest 2020.1 alpha candidate as we've introduced much better pipeline logs which may help identify what asset is causing this zero byte save request.
  3. chenglongunity


    Apr 8, 2020
    We switched back to asset pipeline v1 so far everything is good. As we are on tight project schedule I'm afraid we dont have much time digging deeper on this issue. I'll post here if we have more information.