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Official Accelerate multiplayer game development with UGS Multiplayer Solutions

Discussion in 'Matchmaker' started by BenjiM_Unity, Sep 20, 2022.

  1. BenjiM_Unity



    Aug 8, 2017
    2022_Multiplayer_Campaign_Launch_Blog-Banner_1230x410.jpg We’re excited to announce that our Multiplayer Solutions for Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), Matchmaker, and Netcode for GameObjects are now launched to help you accelerate your multiplayer game development! There's also a new battle royale sample available, made in partnership with Photon, which is ready to scale with UGS Game Server Hosting.

    Check out our blog to learn about new samples, get a hands-on look at our multiplayer solutions in action, and learn how you can get started with $800 credit for your next project.

    Curious to learn more about what players around the world want from their multiplayer games? Check out our 2022 Multiplayer Report for key insights into the features and functionality players are looking for.

    Without giving away any trade secrets of course, what kind of multiplayer game are you working to develop? Is it an iteration on an existing multiplayer idea or perhaps something a bit more trailblazing?
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  2. forbiddenua


    Dec 1, 2021
    Good afternoon! We have already tried out the new Battle Royale sample and tried to integrate Matchmaking as per your documentation. We have done everything correctly and have double-checked several times if this is the case. Still, there is some kind of error. I have created a separate thread about it.
  3. paulgoal2


    Feb 14, 2020
    Failed to connect to server
    Hey everyone! I just added the matchmaking service to my Unity game. And the matchmaking seems to be working, but both clients fail to connect to the server. When looking at the server in the servers tab it does show that it is in the allocating state.
    Calling StartClient also returns true, but no player object gets spawned.
    Botch clients fail to connect to the server after a few seconds. With the only error being Failed to connect to server.
    In the servers event tab these errors are shown.
    Any idea what could be the issue? Like I said the IP and port of the server the clients are trying to connect to does seem correct.

    upload_2022-10-11_10-19-31.png .

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  4. guillaumedUnity


    Unity Technologies

    Apr 1, 2021
    Hey Paul, do you mind posting that on the Multiplay - Game Server Hosting forum ? There you can get support for the hosting.
  5. DeathPro


    Jul 28, 2018
    If you chose the use SQP (Server Query Protocol) and not sending any data for SQP from the server, If you do not need it, you should disable the SQP usage from your multiplay service via Unity Dashboard.