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About the new Reflect dashboard

Discussion in 'Unity Reflect' started by eproca_SimRTR, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. eproca_SimRTR


    Nov 8, 2018
    Congratulations for the 1.2 release. Even if it was pointed in the road map, I was not expecting to be able to export Reflect projects in the cloud so early. And the dashboard is really helping to clarify the different options project location option (local, network or cloud).

    It would be very interesting if we can fully manage the Reflect projects using the Reflect dashboard, like for example:
    • Crete new Reflect projects (not only when exporting).
    • Manage the users of the Reflect project.
    As far as I know, currently it is only possible to manage the users via the develop section or the standard Unity dashboard. For Reflect users that are not Unity developers, it is a bit overkill and it can be confusing.
  2. DavidMenard


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 3, 2019
    This is definitely the intention for the Dashboard :) Since this is the first release where there is a dashboard, we couldn't get everything in one go, bu we'll keep adding to it as we move along!