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Question About OnGui and GUI.Button

Discussion in 'Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI)' started by skxatbj, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. skxatbj


    Jun 24, 2018
    OnGUI is called for rendering and handling GUI events.Your OnGUI implementation might be called several times per frame (one call per event)

    Code (CSharp):
    1. using UnityEngine;
    2. using System.Collections;
    4. public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour
    5. {
    6.     void OnGUI()
    7.     {
    8.         if (GUI.Button(new Rect(10, 10, 150, 100), "I am a button"))
    9.         {
    10.             print("You clicked the button!");
    11.         }
    12.     }
    13. }
    GUI.Button will be called many times, why the button only be created once?