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Bug About Oculus Quest Link Replugging problem

Discussion in 'VR' started by spiralkiss, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. spiralkiss


    Dec 9, 2017
    Dear every developers,

    I am a VR engineer using Unity Plus version to develop Oculus VR APP.

    I am using Unity 2020.3.12f1, and I have used mainly the latest Unity LTS versions at that time, but

    There seems to be a critical bug in recent Unity versions about converting between HMD plugged state and HMD unplugged state.

    My HMD is Oculus Quest and I have used this linked to my desktop PC for Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift S applications, and the linking cable is very easily unplugged from PC or HMD.

    In this case, even if the linking cable between PC and HMD is reconnected, the app is not implemented normally or only a black 3D screen appears while the app is running .

    As far as I remember, in a version of Unity a little earlier than the current version, the app was implemented normally when reconnected without this phenomenon.

    In the case of removing HMD and putting it back on or returning to the app, the returning process including OnApplicationPause() or OnApplicationFocus() seems to work normally from unit console pane, but rendering frame is abnormally about 400 fps (Oculus Quest normal rendering frame is between 70~75fps).

    From my memory, this phenomenon seems to have suddenly appeared since the recent version of unity, which was drastically changed. The recent versions have improved a lot, but on the contrary, there is this problem I can not solve.

    In my APP, this may be very critical trouble in using my APP.

    Please give me feedback if it can be improved.

    I will wait for reply.

  2. Tanya_Li


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 29, 2020