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A Quick Question about Override Track

Discussion in 'Timeline' started by Mario167100, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Mario167100


    Jul 25, 2016
    Just a quick question about override tracks. I know that once you start laying down keyframes within the override, it completely takes over that part of the model. The only way for it to be animated is via the override track.

    For example, let's say I animate a guy talking on a phone and walking at the same time. The guy gets angry and throws his phone on the ground. I'd have to use an override track on the arm for the phone and throwing action

    The question I have is whether or not I can take back control of the limb on override and use the main track to animate it again.
  2. seant_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 25, 2015
    Yes, convert the override to a clip track (using the context menu) and make sure the extrapolation on the clip is set to None. You can even blend the clip to/from the parent track using ease-in/out.
  3. dukerustfield


    Dec 5, 2019
    ^ yeah, I do this a lot. You can have full body movement on Main. Override for just his left eye. If it's None/None on pre and post extrapolate, which is not default, then as soon as the clip ends in the override, the main track is controlling everything. Based on my motion capture, I've had 4 override tracks. Body. Neck. Facial Blendshapes. And I added a very top level body with Idle animation on infinite loop. So if anything happens in the lower animations, it gets overridden. However, it might not blend well so you may have to stop it before the clips.