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A plea for help: Illustrator layers to svg to Unity (with correct layer positions) - tool request

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by Sunny_Apples, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Sunny_Apples


    Mar 4, 2017
    As an avid Adobe Illustrator user, I am very excited for the new svg support added to Unity. This means that the assets I create inside my vector program is usable in Unity, and editable in my vector program. svg support in Unity feels almost as if Adobe Illustrator became a plugin for Unity, my workflow is almost seamless. Almost!

    The problem for me is those times when I create a detailed character meant for rigging in Unity's 2D animation package. I will usually have all the moving parts of the character on a separate layers.

    I have a script I found that let's me export all the Illustrator layers to svg files.
    Here is the script.
    But now I have a labor intensive work of assembling the character back up and placing all the layers into a correct position inside Unity.

    So here is my request.
    Is there anyone out there tech savvy that could modify that script from above so that it exports also an XML data to a file. The XML would have layer positions and layer names. And than we would also need some kind of Unity importer that could read the XML and reassemble the svg files - placing them in the correct place where they were originally in illustrator. At the end of that process, the detailed game character drawn inside illustrator would now be imported into Unity - with all the limbs, torso and head as separate svg files placed at the correct position. Ready for rigging and animation.

    Here is a Unity blog that explains this process - but for Photoshop. Can this also be done for Illustrator? Link:

    If this can be done, would anyone wish to share a tool like this with the community? Thank you in advance!
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