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A new concept of casual game: Deathsteak

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by SuperiorVGames, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. SuperiorVGames


    Nov 22, 2018
    A new concept of casual-games: Deathsteak

    "We have a story to tell you, set at the gates of Hades from where 8 particular zombies organize an escape.Their exodus must be guided through more than 8 fantastic colored worlds, overcoming pitfalls and dangers.The control of the character is the innovative concept of history: there is no possibility of directly managing one's own revival: every movement is provoked by the impact force caused by the explosions that we can generate with a simple tap.Your life and death depend on the ability to escape from hordes of hungry ghosts of souls and the conscientious use of the explosions at our disposal.Once finished, there is no longer any possibility of continuing the ascent in the level.Nothing should be left to chance, every movement studied, every decision must be taken quickly but Ponderately, lucidity and instinctiveness are required to achieve the best in endless levels, precision and concentration are the key to solve the unique but complex static level!

    The adventure in the fantastic world of skulls and zombies has landed in the Play Store: Deathsteak!"


    Hi,with this introduction I have the pleasure to present to your reading the casual game Deathsteak. The innovative game concept, as already mentioned, is based on an indirect control of the character movements. In Deathsteak, every movement derives in fact from the repulsion generated by the explosions on the surrounding environment. Generating an explosion you can push the character in the desired direction. Although it seems to be such a slow and boring game, every match is dynamic due to the almost total absence of friction and low gravity. Everything is also speeded up by the typical dynamics of a casual game based on vertical scrolling that determines a linearity of the ascent of the character through the pitfalls of the game.

    The number of explosions is limited and, once null, will result in the end of the game. To avoid the shortage of explosions, the route is full of refills to continue the climb. To hinder the way in the game are the ghosts, enemies with the ability to chase the character but that, once out of the player's view, will vanish. Along the ascent there are also static enemies that will be lethal only if hit. Cases and keys are the collectible elements of the game that allow you to get additional coins.

    The shop allows access to the totality of the 8 characters (number increasing with next updates), to the totality of endless levels and customize the effects of the explosions. For now, the currency of the game are internal coins available during game levels and physical currency transactions are not supported. For now, the game is adfree, completely free and available for Android.

    The game can be found at
    banner3height.png screenshot3.png