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A complete Noob to Unity

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Chiiring, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Chiiring


    Oct 17, 2017
    Hi there! my name is Gio and I`m a wanabee digital artist and I`m kinda lost in what to do and how to move around unity, I know the tutorials are there and everything but does someone else has an order to do things? or a kinda solid way to learn what unity has to give?
  2. Joe-Censored


    Mar 26, 2013
    Tutorials aside, I would start with creating some primitives based GameObjects, put them in a scene, move the camera around, press play, see how that looks, stuff like that. Play with creating a terrain, placing a collider on your GameObjects and ridgedbodies as well, and see what happens when you hit play with them above the terrain level (you should see them fall from gravity to the terrain).

    After that I'd start playing with some C# scripting to move an object around your terrain. Take some keyboard input and apply a force to your object based on it, watch what happens. After that try your hand at creating a simple UI, something like a window with text that displays something. Possibly a button that calls a method in one of your scripts.

    After that try creating a prefab and instantiating it in code, and applying a force to it when you instantiate. Something like having your "character' firing a bullet. Hopefully you'll need to use a call to GetComponent along the way as that is a critical one to understand.

    Once you get that far you'll have a good grasp of the absolute basics.

    After that I'd come up with a real but very simple idea for a game you want to actually try to make (make it single player, and a very small scope or you'll get discouraged when you start to realize how much work a larger game idea will take), and then research the various details of Unity for how to accomplish your goal along the way.

    Also take a look at the asset store at some point.