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A Camera system that is used to trigger explosions

Discussion in 'Wish List' started by Dryson, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Dryson


    Dec 28, 2012
    After reading about the new explosions I was wondering if a Camera could be created where the layers of the explosion are controlled by the camera.

    Basically the Exploder Camera would have scripts added to a layer that would then activate.

    For example Layer One would see the large fire ball first and if a Layer Two script was attached the script would activate thus creating the secondary explosion.

    The Near and Far properties of the Camera would be the trigger since the process is able to determine how far away from the camera the explosion is and what sound should be played.

    The camera would recognize the distance of the explosion from the camera and then activate the secondary, tertiary, ect layer of explosion.

    Also with the new explosion is it possible to create a rolling fire or smoke effect that would creep along the bottom of the bus instead of the explosion being just a ball of fire and smoke?

    Also is it possible to create a flammable material that when effected upon by the igniter detonator that the component with the flammable material added to it would continue to burn based upon the settings of the flammable material itself?