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_GameIdea_ Gacha, collecting, mini-games, a 2D world; a small idea, looking for inspiration...

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by NoctisShadowzel, Aug 13, 2019 at 6:27 PM.

  1. NoctisShadowzel


    Dec 27, 2018
    First of all, I always wanted to develop a game world that is a cube, and inside of the cube, a different world for each face. (You have a forest in bottom inner face, and at top inner face you can go to clouds). I don't know 3D modelling but I want to develop a 3D game, so things will be mostly sprites, I think.
    To travel between worlds, faces of cube, you will have a special jump.

    I always like the different items with different features (visual effects, special features etc.), and I want to implement Gacha to the game. There will be a time mechanic, and currency too (maybe something different, this is still idea phase) to get items from Gacha. Like a magical box in the middle of cubes inner faces, in the middle of game worlds, you get items from.

    With Gachas, you open new content. You find a Crystal Fish, you open a lake and fishing mini-game.

    Maybe some petting too. I want to develop a game where you play as a Poring.

    Game world will be open, which develops with Gacha mechanic.

    I want to have a minimal game world. Main design will be 1-bit, or a white-black world which changes as time passes, like day-night cycle. I can imagine a white-black game with some shaders, simple but aesthetical outlining etc. details, but I am not sure how it will look with 1-bit pixel-art.

    Maybe game's main goal will be collecting and playing mini-games, and world will have a few extra things that player can do...

    I will write a little more after I got new ideas and after working on my current project.

    Meanwhile, when you read this, what you imagine? Would you play a game like this? To play it, what you would want to see? A story required? Will simple 1-bit design look good for you? (Kenney's 1-bit package have a preview image of a top down level which is made with 1 bit elements). If I wanted you to, play my game at least once in a day, pass some time with it, enjoy it; what would you want from this game?

    TY for taking time ^.^ !
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  2. JoeStrout


    Jan 14, 2011
    OK, sounds interesting, but please define your terms. I think I know what a Gacha is, but I have no idea what a Poring might be (and no time to google it).

    Also, please include links when you reference something — I did take time to google Kenney's 1-bit pack, but if you're referring to this preview image...

    ...that's not really 1-bit, because there are different colors. I count at least 5 different colors, making this 3-bit graphics. :) Which maybe is fine; just define what you have in mind.

    The cube-world mechanic sounds interesting, but I think you might have a hard time conveying this to the player. It might seem like it's just 6 randomly connected worlds.
  3. kdgalla


    Mar 15, 2013
    Just to be pedantic, some old computers, like the ZX spectrum, had 1-bit-per-pixel graphics, but there'd also be a "palette" index for every 8x8 or 16x16 pixel block. It looks like that's what they were going for in that screen shot, so one-bit could be accurate in that sense.

    It sounds like the OP was talking about pure black-and-white, though. Maybe like Minit or Return of the Obra Dinn?
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  4. NoctisShadowzel


    Dec 27, 2018
    @JoeStrout, sorry about shallow explanation; I suddenly decided to open this thread to find good ideas, I just poured down what I have in my mind at that time :)

    Gacha; is like a toy-machine, where you get a toy in a capsule. I want this, because instead of implementing a story, I want player to randomly explore game content. I can't come up with a good story for this style of game...
    Poring; This things that people call Slimes. A different approach to create a interesting and enjoayble game will be adding a creature like Poring as a playable character. I never seen them in main-role of any game -.-'

    1-bit: From a modern approach, I used 1-bit term to specify an art style where a object (item, character, tile, ...) is made only by one color by using one background as canvas. But after drawing a little in Aseprite, I decided this is not a good approach.

    @kdgalla, thanks for reference games, it is good to see new things :) While talking about B&W; I was thinking a 3D world, where everything is Black with white outlines-details (in a cartoony style), and also reverse of that (a white scene with black details.) But as I said, I don't know 3D modelling, so this is a little too much for me. Instead,

    I decided to build 2D scenes based on a White or Black background, without any details; and add elements on it. Like a white scene with a blue lake and a brown wooden bench for fishing mini-game. Some particle effects, a sunlight ray, a few trees. Minimal and clean.

    While writing, I started to get inspiration, I will be drawing tonight! I will write some later and maybe share a drawing.

    PS. Also, how can I show player a world which is made in a cubes inner faces, a connected and whole world? I don't want player to think they are randomly designed worlds, as @JoeStrout pointed out...