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[50% RELEASE DISCOUNT] Sci-Fi Game Sound Effects

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MagicSoundEffects, Sep 19, 2023.

  1. MagicSoundEffects


    Sep 11, 2021
    Hi friends!;)

    Check out my new sound package at 50% off - Sci-Fi Game Sound Effects!:rolleyes:

    Audio Preview:
    Sound List: - Sci-Fi Game Sound Effects_v1.0.pdf?dl=0

    A massive collection with a wide variety of sound events will bring to life and perfectly complement your project in the genre of futurism, post-apocalyptic, as well as hybrid and mixed genres, where alien life, flying spacecrafts, living otherworldly creatures, cyborgs and robots fighting, shining energy charges and other extraterrestrial civilizations are around.

    The package contains 600 sound effects, divided into 12 folders:
    1. «Ambiences» - inside futuristic ambient sounds.
    2. «Creatures» - monster voices, such as alien, demon, reptile, swampy, predator, insectoid, troll and others.
    3. «Drones» - background sounds for in-game scenes or for backing in menus and menu sections.
    4. «Energy» - whooshes, energy appearance, activation and failure, sparks and deactivation and more.
    5. «Engines» - seamless looped engine sounds for use in creating ground and flying vehicles.
    6. «Interfaces» - looped alarms and alerts, looped interference, dashboard sounds, computer sounds, and more.
    7. «MagicSpells» - 14 types of magic spells, including angelic, dark, healing, buffs and debuffs, magic shots and impulses, water, ice and more.
    8. «Mechanisms» - servos, barriers, pistons, etc.
    9. «Robotic» - inside a wide variety of robotic sound effects, including charging, movement, broken and glitches, voice sounds, feeders, stimulants, energy clots, and more.
    10. «UI» - notifications, cancellations, buttons, confirmations and upgrades, pencil movement, selections and more.
    11. «Vehicles» - complex sounds of futuristic vehicle engines containing seamless loops of copters, helicopters, space cars, space fighters, transporters, space bikes, spacecrafts.
    12. «Weapons» - blasters, laser guns, handguns, rifles, light blades, rockets, flamethrowers.

    More sound packages for your projects on my Publisher page.:eek: