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[50% RELEASE DISCOUNT] Medieval Fantasy Game Sound Effects

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by MagicSoundEffects, Oct 19, 2022.

  1. MagicSoundEffects


    Sep 11, 2021
    Hello all!:)

    Check out my new audio asset with a 50% release discount - Medieval Fantasy Game Sound Effects!;)

    Audio Preview:
    Sound List: - Medieval Fantasy Game Sound Effects_v1.0.pdf?dl=0

    A massive collection of sound effects for a medieval fantasy game.

    The package includes 433 sound effects divided into 8 folders - "Creatures", "Environment", "Flesh", "MagicBook", "MagicSpells", "Soundscapes", "UI" and "Weapons":
    1. The "Creatures" folder contains the sounds of 12 monsters of different sizes, with vocalizations and movements for some of them - two small, two medium, two large, one huge monster, infernal creature, zombie, orc, skeleton, spider, swamp creature - 64 sound effects inside.
    2. The "Environment" folder contains sounds of environments, objects and items - torch, bonfire, collecting coins, gems and loot, movement of stone, metal and wooden walls, keys, chains, locks, doors, chests, traps - 91 sound effects inside.
    3. The "Flesh" folder including sounds of blood, flesh, gore and bones - 14 sound effects inside.
    4. In the "MagicBook" folder you will find sounds for opening and closing the magic book, flipping pages - 10 sound effects inside.
    5. The "MagicSpells" folder contains a wide variety of magical spell sounds - air, healing, portal, earth, dark, ice, fire, shield, light, black, potion, scroll, electro, water, shots - 79 sound effects inside.
    6. In the "Soundscapes" folder you will find ambient soundscapes for backing or sounding your game locations - 12 soundscapes inside.
    7. The "UI" folder includes inventory and user interface sounds - 50 sound effects inside.
    8. In the "Weapons" folder you will find a wide variety of medieval weapon sounds - 113 sound effects inside.

    Use this asset to voice menus, battlefields and combats, the roar and movement of monsters, flesh and bone damage of characters and enemies, environments and location objects, magical spells of combat magicians and sorcerers in your fantasy game.

    More sound packages for your projects on my Publisher page.o_O