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[50% New Release Discount] ✋ Physics Hand - Realistic, modular, XR hands. ✋

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by IntuitiveGamingSolutions, May 5, 2023.

  1. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    Physics Hand
    (View it on the Asset Store)
    Youtube - Showcase Scene
    Youtube - Damage System Integration

    Showcase level included. (Shows off movement, UI interaction, minigames, and more.)
    Grabbable objects demo included. (Shows off various grabbable types)
    Basketball demo included. (A pre-made arcade style basketball game.)
    XR gun demo included. (For users who own 'Damage System')
    XR axe demo included. (For users who own 'Damage System')


    • Seamless distance pointer & touch based UI interaction.
    • Hands that bend and conform to colliders in the world.
    • The tools you need to convert any rigged hand into a physics hand.
    • Rapidly position fingers using smart collision detection.
    • Uniform scaling support.
    • Supports mirroring using negative scale.
    • Many visual tools for configuring all parts of the hand, grab behavior, and more.
    • Disable or enable seamlessly at any time.
    • Place points let you 'holster' placeable objects and even configure their holstered position and rotation per-item.
    • Hand poser lets you edit hand poses in the editor and pose the hand at runtime.
    • Record grab poses and place poses visually in the editor.
    • Adjustable curves to keep all forces smooth and configurable.
    • Click and drag finger bone collider editing in 'Scene View'.
    • Physics based and kinematic grabbing (grab Rigidbodys and non-Rigidbody).
    • Dynamic grab volumes that resize as the hands fingers close for maximum realism. ⚖️
    • Automatically mirrored grab & hand poses from right to left hand.
    • Distance grabbing.
    • Distributed force simulation for flawless multi-hand grabbing.
    • Animate grabbing hands easily (or let the hands naturally solve grabbing.)
    • Realistic, accurate physics based throwing.
    • One-click 'Damage System' integration for realistic XR guns.
    • Extremely stable physics allow you to balance objects on your hands or pick things up without closing your hands.
    • Outstanding documentation and video tutorials.
    • ‍Great for beginners and professionals.
    • Full editor undo support.
    • Collide and interact realistically with Rigidbodies in the world.
    • Perfect for VR.

    Upcoming Features
    • HandAnimator for animating finger bone bend targets over time.
    • Editor ghost assisted grab pose and hand pose configuration.
    • Optional Rigidbody based movement system.

    Fast setup. A quick setup made even easier by options to automate setup steps, or do it yourself for maximum control.

    Low CPU Overhead. "Physics Hand" is extremely efficient and takes up minimal disk space. Most of the listed file size is made up of demo content.

    Well documented. comes with demo scenes, hand-written documentation, tutorial videos, and a generated API reference.

    Other Assets:

    Active Ragdolls - A non-restrictive, simple, and lightweight solution to active ragdolls in Unity. Bring your game AI to life, make them respond to physical forces in the world.
    Damage System - An advanced damage and weapon system for your game.
    Waypoints & Pathing - An easy to use tool for creating waypoints and path movers in Unity with intuitive visual tools.


    API reference

    *Do not hesitate to email questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments to*

    What features do you want to see next? Let us know!
  2. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    v1.0.1 has been published and is pending review from Unity's curation team.

    • 1-handed grabbable 'Grab Swap' feature
  3. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    v1.0.3 is now out!
    • Made doors lockable.
    • Added 'Keypad' gadget and demo lockable keypad door.
    • Updated to 'Adaptive Hands v1.2.1'.
    • Add 'Pointer' pose zone examples to UI interactions.
    • Added UIPointerAutoPressArea to configure 'auto press UI distance' dynamically in a zone.
  4. IntuitiveGamingSolutions


    May 29, 2022
    The new release discount is ending soon! Thank you to the supporters who have purchased the asset.

    v1.0.4 is now live!
    • Various improvements.
    • Grenade with pullable pin demo.
    • 'Drive In VR' integration.